Masterclass - Hero Triage Flow

Masterclass is known for their wide variety of online classes that feature celebrities, athletes, and other well known public figures.


Masterclass is a platform that partners with experts in just about any field in order to offer their customers specialized courses in specific industries. In order to achieve the highest possible start rate for their quick onboarding flow, they pushed the first question to appear on the hero section. What you're looking at is the same exact hero section and customization, minus the scrolling carousel of images (which also can be achieved with Embeddables). If you're looking into transforming your hero section of your website into something more interactive, book a call with us to see if you're a good fit for Embeddables.

Custom HTML

Write HTML without writing code using our no code canvas. Create custom layouts, generate clean and compliant JSON with full version control built in.

Complete CSS Control

Use our editor to control every CSS property imaginable from border radius to background shadows - all without code. Add custom CSS properties with code if needed.

Supports custom Javascript

Add any Javascript you need, from powering custom animations to completing complex front end calculations with an in-built code editor.

Supports Animations

Get started with our basic progress bar, page and component level animations including fade and appear. Add your own animations with Keyframe level control.

Responsive design

Your Embeddables content will look pixel perfect on desktop, tablet and mobile with breakpoint specific design controls.

Web Fonts

Embeddables supports Google Fonts out the box and any font installed on your web page.

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