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Psst. Embeddables isn't the right fit for you if...
  • You want a run of the mill form builder (there are plenty of those)
  • You aren't currently focussed on growth
  • You don't need real design control (templates will do)
  • You don't need to run experiments or test new experiences
  • You have light traffic going to your website (<1k visitors/mo)
  • You need us to sign a BAA (we can help with HIPAA though)

create what you need visually

Embeddables is a visual canvas where you drag, drop and style your components. Make edits by simply clicking and typing, swap images with ease and apply custom styles without knowing CSS.

Drag, Drop & Style

Add components to your canvas, then apply your brand with complete control over CSS. Supports; CSS classes, breakpoints, hover animations, custom fonts and components.

Write CSS without knowing code

Assign tags to components and add CSS properties visually, without writing code.

Add custom images logos, GIFs and illustrations

Uploading, hosting and rendering of your .png, .svg, .jpg, .gif and .pdf. included.

Supports Google and Local Fonts

Upload custom fonts or import from Google Fonts in just a click.

create fully responsive designs

Look pixel perfect on every breakpoint with in-built breakpoint detection and styling.

Style with AI

Apply CSS using natural language so you can apply the perfect curvature to your button, without knowing code.

add animations and hover effects

All CSS properties for all components are included inc. hover, enter, fade and more.

supports the way you use logic and data

Embeddables fits your business logic, so you can create the experience you need. It supports everything from simple show/hide conditions up to custom rules written in Javascript.

Custom Logic

Add custom logic like a BMI calculation, query an end point and display on screen, generate custom results pages, show/hide conditions, and so much more.

Show/Hide Conditions

Embeddables saves each user session as they go and makes that data available instantly for retargeting.

custom progress Bars

All CSS properties for all components are included inc. hover, enter, fade and more.

Triggers & Actions

Supports simple and complex actions like 'On button click, send the value of the response to Airtable and fire a FB Pixel event.'

Pre-fill components based on user data

Pre-fill specific components based upon your knowledge of your users in your own database.

Computed Fields

Run entire Javascript functions within Embeddables. Never run into a feature gap again.

Section headers

Hide/show certain pages within specific section headers based on user interaction and save their progress along the way.

Extensible to keep up with you

With the Embeddables Visual Editor, you can keep extending your builds or create new ones, without hitting the limit where you need to buy another piece of software to help.

Add code as needed

Use our in-built code editor with AI (called computed fields) to write any function you need. Never run into the hard limits no-code interfaces inflict on you.

SSO From your Application

Authenticate and authorize users to access multiple applications or Embbedables with a single set of login credentials.

Read/Write APIs

Bring in data from any API endpoint, from private/internal to public. Send data to any endpoint you need, including multiple at the same time.

Personalize your builds

Bring in your brands elements into specific pages, display status changes "did you know" bubbles, tooltips and so much more.

Setup Custom schemas

Create and send custom events to outside databases like Postgres or even your own internal database.

Start your Embeddable inside an email

Embed the first question of your Embeddable inside an email in order to launch the rest of the questions in a new tab.

Handle Multiple Stripe Payment Methods

Payment types such as trial periods, collect card and not charge, and over 20 other methods are included with Embeddables.

Integrate with Analytics

In addition to our in-built analytics, feel free to integrate your plan with any of your favorite analytics provider like Amplitude.

Embed anywhere

Embed your Embeddable to populate entire pages, hero sections, banners, landing pages, results pages, native app onboardings, and so much more!

Integrate with any REST Or POST API

As long as you have the credentials you can connect it to Embeddables. No need to build custom integrations from scratch.

built for Experimentation & Collaboration

It's everything you need in order to create, run, and manage all your growth ideas with your team in one place.

In-Built Split Testing

Supports A/B tests, multi-variant and pre/post testing. Run multiple tests at once and use in-built UI to easily adjust who sees which variation, when and why.

In-built Analytics

View drop off points, conversions, and so much more. Send your analytics data to your provider as well.

Trigger custom emails

Upon completion of an embeddable, trigger custom emails to users or follow up emails to incomplete sessions.

Live session replay

Click and view any user journey in your embeddable with our built-in live session replay feature. No need for Fullstory.

Start your Embeddable inside an email

Embed the first question of your Embeddable inside an email in order to launch the rest of the questions in a new tab.

AI Suggest

It's like FullStory but it tells you how to improve your Embeddable based on over 100 million data points + human review.

Section headers

Hide/show certain pages within specific section headers based on user interaction and save their progress along the way.

Add a point here

Allow certain members of the team to access specific Embeddables and control what they can do, like push live.

Version Diff

See a visual and written summary of the difference between two versions of an Embeddable.

Explain this to me

Eddy the AI Growth Engineer can explain any piece of logic, custom code or computed field to you in plain English.

we handle millions of events every week.

Security and scalability will always remain a priority for Embeddables. The best way we can gain your trust is by eliminating 99.9% of server crashes and helping you scale your Embeddables along the way.

Sub <1s load time

Our version control card allows your team to see a detailed change log as well as recent edits. Push live in 2 clicks or revert just as fast (if things go a little wrong.)

Version Control

Roll forward and back between versions with a click. Push live in 2 clicks or revert just as fast (if things go a little wrong.)

99.999% Uptime

Hosted on Cloufdlare and leveraging Cloudflare Workers, we ship with multiple redundencies to keep you online.

Automated QA

Once live, your Embeddable receives a complimentary daily automated QA. Pay for additional QA's as needed.

No iFrame Vulnerabilities

Users are unable to inject custom code or make un-authroized backend calls via a web component.

Designated Staging & Production Links

Generate a link for the team to give feedback on before pushing live to production users.

Test Mode and Production Mode

Run tests without messing with analytics e.g. test123 users. Switch to prod once you're ready for real users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not seeing the answer you need? Start a live chat with us or send an email to

How much does Embeddables cost?

Our base plan is $299/mo which includes 5,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs). The average team can expect to save at least 20-30 hrs of engineering time per month from using Embeddables.

What is a Monthly Tracked User (MTU)?

An MTU is a user that engages with an Embeddable by clicking or scrolling it. If the user reads but doesn't otherwise interact with the Embeddable they will not be charged. The same user visiting an Embeddable multiple times will only be charged the once. Additional MTUs are charged at $10 per 1,000 MTUs with bulk discounting available.

How long does it take to go live?

It depends on the material you have ready, your type of expertise and the complexity of the build. For a basic onboarding flow where all the material is ready and you know your end points, you can be live in under 48 hours. For more complex builds such as entire AI tools then you're looking at 2 weeks. We'll provide an estimate up front as well as regular so you aren't left waiting. Reminder: we build the V1 for you so you aren't left staring at a blank screen.

When will I be charged?

You're only charged when your Embeddable goes live with end users. You can play around with Embeddables and check it does what you need for free for as along as you need. We don't charge per seat, by number of Embeddables or by time elapsed.

Where can I embed my Embeddable?

Anyone that accepts a custom code block. Popular spots include as an entire page as part of an onboarding flow, as an in-line quiz or within a mobile app (via a WebView)/ Embeddables render as web components which means they aren't iFrames but are instead native pieces of code complete with their own HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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