Connect Embeddables to your POST API and use Savvy to power both FETCH and POST requests.



Send submission data (including partial submits) from Embeddables to Airtable. Create a 'CMS Lite' experience by pulling data from Airtable into Embeddables.

Google Sheets


Send submission data (including partial submits) from Embeddables to Google Sheets.



Automatically funnel leads into your SMS campaigns with the Postscript Embeddables integration.



Integrate Embeddables with the 5,000+ tools that Zapier supports.

Frequently Asked Question

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How much does Embeddables cost?

Our base plan is $299/mo which includes 5,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs). The average team can expect to save at least 20-30 hrs of engineering time per month from using Embeddables.

What is a Monthly Tracked User (MTU)?

An MTU is a user that engages with an Embeddable by clicking or scrolling it. If the user reads but doesn't otherwise interact with the Embeddable they will not be charged. The same user visiting an Embeddable multiple times will only be charged the once. Additional MTUs are charged at $10 per 1,000 MTUs with bulk discounting available.

Can I import my existing Formsort into Embeddables?

Yes! Share your existing Formsort link with us and we'll import and upgrade it to an Embeddable for you for free.

When will I be charged?

You're only charged when your Embeddable goes live with end users. You can play around with Embeddables and check it does what you need for free for as along as you need. We don't charge per seat, by number of Embeddables or by time elapsed.

Where can I embed my Embeddable?

Anyone that accepts a custom code block. Popular spots include as an entire page as part of an onboarding flow, as an in-line quiz or within a mobile app (via a WebView)/ Embeddables render as web components which means they aren't iFrames but are instead native pieces of code complete with their own HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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